IMG_2453This is simple, useful and very clever!

Our Activity Analysis tool, based on simple scanning technology and minimal disruption and cost, puts you in an informed position to make decisions about:

  • aligning resources to the activities that add most value to the business
  • gaining clarity on the legal resource used by each business area
  • the risk profile of work being done and
  • areas of legal activity in need of process improvement.

For teams looking for answers and needing a reliable snapshot of how their resources are aligned across their organisation we have developed a simple and innovative data collection and reporting solution.

The system has been used easily and successfully by legal teams of varying sizes in both the private and public sectors and in locations throughout the world including Australia, the Far East, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, across the UK and Europe and North America too.

The system is hosted by LBC Wise Counsel, it is not dependent on any of your own IT resources and can be implemented in a very short time frame on a maximum weekly rental cost basis of £95 per user. This weekly rental model includes the cost of setting-up, a training video, support through the exercise and a report of the data captured as a result of the exercise.

The reports generated are simple to read and provide genuinely insightful data with an absolute minimum of fuss and bureaucracy.

Every team would benefit from this system.

For more information contact Lawrence Smith by email at or on +44 (0) 7929 456 510.