The LBClarity product is a comprehensive Microsoft Windows based information management system, which has been designed specifically for in-house lawyers to address the issues they often face when striving to deliver a high quality legal service. With a per user price starting at just £595 + VAT we believe it offers an extremely cost-effective way to improve resource and risk management as well as capture and report the value the team provides.

The solution delivers a consolidated and clear view of performance across the legal function including external counsel. By utilising colour-coded scorecards it provides the ability to access a highly visual, real-time view of the present status of a matter, identified against business and legal strategies, objectives and targets.

Features include:clarity

Recording matter details

Key information is entered using drop down lists and a process that takes the user through a risk assessment. The dashboard view on the homepage presents users with a profile of their own matters.

Tracking the status of a matter

It enables you to record and report on the status of matters at any given time thus providing an accurate real time assessment of the current status.

Tracking your legal resources

It enables you to manage and monitor all your internal and external legal spend and to assign data to the internal business teams involved. You are therefore able to provide an accurate analysis of the work undertaken on behalf of different parts of the business and its cost.

Reporting on matter information

In-house teams are often required to provide monthly or quarterly status reporting for both internal and external matters: this reporting task is achieved very efficiently by the system through its built in suite of management, financial, risk and activity reporting tools.


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