Paul Gilbert and Jonathan SmithIn this section we have collated all the previously published articles and blogs written by Paul Gilbert, Jonathan Smith and guests.

This is a resource for you to browse and is free to view. The first articles were published in the early 2000′s, but retain a relevance that is still valid and informative today. The later pieces reflect the changing face of the legal profession and the threat/opportunity for the role of lawyers in business and in our society.

We hope you will find that their opinions add to the debates of the day and inform, challenge and occasionally provoke. Please also join them in that debate on Twitter and follow Jonathan @jdsofislip and Paul @LBCWiseCounsel.


High performance culture – no thank you

“We want people who work well in a high performance culture” said the headhunter. My heart sank. One day I am going to set up a recruitment business and when I do this will be a typical role specification: “This role requires patience, some courage and an indigestion remedy. The brand suggests a highly successful… More

General Counsel means General Counsel

What is the purpose of a General Counsel? At the risk of saying something that sounds unhelpfully like “General Counsel means General Counsel” I have spent a lot of time over very many years considering how people in this role should define their purpose and articulate their contribution. I am aware that short articles like… More

A letter to my father

I would like to share something precious; it is a letter I wrote in July last year. I want to share it because it is helping me now more than I could ever have imagined at the time. I think it might be helpful for other people too. It is not a sad thing, but… More

A path littered

I walk past litter every day. I see it, I am saddened by it and I am angry about it. I wish people didn’t drop litter where I walk. I wish people cared not to drop litter at all. I wish people cared like me. I wish people were like me. …But I am the… More

Five thoughts…

A New Year beckons. It’s like watching a toddler run around a playground. Full of joy and hope, but knowing they are only ever seconds away from an inevitable trip, a grazed knee and the sound of that quite extraordinary ear-splitting wailing. It is a time to pontificate on what the New Year will bring,… More