Paul Gilbert and Jonathan SmithIn this section we have collated all the previously published articles and blogs written by Paul Gilbert, Jonathan Smith and guests.

This is a resource for you to browse and is free to view. The first articles were published in the early 2000′s, but retain a relevance that is still valid and informative today. The later pieces reflect the changing face of the legal profession and the threat/opportunity for the role of lawyers in business and in our society.

We hope you will find that their opinions add to the debates of the day and inform, challenge and occasionally provoke. Please also join them in that debate on Twitter and follow Jonathan @jdsofislip and Paul @LBCWiseCounsel.


Part 4: How do we measure the value of our contribution?

The holy grail of value is often considered to be how we measure it. Too often value is asserted as if talent alone makes a difference. In this post I want to focus on the hard reality that talent alone is never enough. A difference has to be made and we must be able to… More

Part 5: How do we help each other fulfil our potential to lead?

In this final post in my Perspectives on Leadership Series I want to focus on how we support and encourage each other to fulfil our leadership potential. It is often said that leadership is a lonely role. It does not have to be like this; together we can find a much better way. I believe… More

How should we lead

To be a leader as an in-house lawyer today is to be faced with a bewildering array of ideas, strategies and influences. Reports are written with grim regularity, it is impossible to read them all. Conferences are organised with grim regularity, it is impossible to attend them all. Consultants always have the next great idea… More

Fixing before disrupting

It didn’t take long and now “disruption” has entered the lexicon of paradigm shifting scene-shifters. A whirligig for every new idea* (*includes every not new idea) ensuring nothing is taken to market without its very own bullshit badge. I know I am in danger, if not long past the point, of being considered a grumpy… More

Flexible working, not bent out of shape

Flexible working is the single biggest driver for change in the legal profession – greater than any tech innovation, greater than any disruptive influence from new legal services providers and far greater than changing the hourly rate charging model. Law firms and businesses employing lawyers in in-house legal teams must either embrace flexible working practices… More