The Mentor is a story of friendship, love and leadership told through a series of images and events that have been collected together in an imaginary exhibition.

We specialise in helping all lawyers to be the best they can be at any stage of their career, in any sector, in any size of team.

LBC Wise Counsel predominantly acts for, and works with, in-house lawyers (individuals and teams) in the UK, Europe and increasingly in North America and South Africa. Whether we are mentoring, delivering online training, presenting at off-sites or helping you deliver your strategic goals, we will be with you.


For everyone, because everyone, at whatever stage of their career, should put in place their support network for their skills development, for managing their career options and for making their difference in the world.


“I write what I see, and I write about what moves me. I write to order my own thoughts and I write to share what I hope might be helpful for others to read.”

All of Paul’s books are available to buy online.

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