Thank you LawWorks

July 17, 2014

My note To Chairman of LawWorks Paul Newdick CBE following my last Trustee Board meeting on 16 July 2014.

Dear Paul, 

Thank you for your kind and generous words at the Trustee Board meeting last evening. They are not deserved, but they are appreciated.

I have been a trustee for ten years and consider my association with LawWorks to be the highlight of my legal career. The opportunity to make a contribution, albeit always modest, has been a privilege. We have all had moments of joy and moments of frustration, but I only have to think of what LawWorks does to recalibrate the hardest of days and to be thankful for the inspirational contribution it makes on behalf of those in need, but also on behalf of the legal profession.

I have never doubted for one moment that it is the responsibility and duty of every single lawyer to use all of their talent to make a difference. LawWorks is a beacon for lawyers to make their difference.

Thank you as well for your friendship, kindness and encouragement. Thank you to all trustees past and present for tolerating me for so long despite probably wondering why I am there and what on earth it is I do in my day job! I hope I will see folks regularly and I hope to make a contribution in different ways going forward. I certainly intend to evangelise like crazy for LawWorks and pro bono. Apologies if I get a bit noisy now and again 🙂

Take care, good luck and thank you for helping to define the real meaning for my legal career.


Paul Gilbert

Chief Execuitve LBC Wise Counsel


If you are not aware of the brilliant work they and would like to find out more please see the film I made for them hosted on their website:    

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