The least I can do…

March 23, 2020

It is a time like no other for everyone. We are all grappling with the loss of normality and the shock of sudden change.

I realise, of course, that what I do is not vital to anything and so my loss of normality and my shock at sudden change is unimportant. However, I do have a pretty good sense of what is important; my sister is a palliative care specialist, my niece is a GP and my dear old mum is much loved, but very vulnerable indeed.

I therefore have a very good perspective on what is important, but I want to help, if I can be helpful.

My work is about helping lawyers be the best they can be – to be thoughtful, valued, and inspiring others. Sometimes this means we go like the clappers to get things done, other times we just stand quietly with you as you work things out.

Today, behind the front-line of those looking after all of us, we still need to help all our other institutions and businesses survive and to make their contributions too. We need the lawyers to play their part.

Behind the scenes there is a need for care, thoughtfulness, purposefulness, kindness and brilliant decisions. Behind the scenes there will also be uncertainty, tiredness, and sometimes an almost overwhelming sense of it all being too much.

Sometimes therefore we need a place that is just for us. A place to be heard, to share our concerns, and a place where we can gently place our weary thoughts in the care of someone else for a little while.

This is my email and there is no fee to talk with me.

To be honest our accountant has long resigned herself to accepting that we were unintentionally a not-for-profit organisation anyway!

No time limit applies, just put my details somewhere you can find them again if needed. Then, if it might help, please be in touch and we can talk. It is the least I can do, it is also the best I can do.

Take care.


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