Build it well

April 4, 2021


A place I have built made from all my gone befores.

On a clear day, now is the place from where I see opportunity blowing on the winds of hopes and fears.

Now is the time when I may, momentarily, rest the feelings I have carried this far, mostly tightly packed and hidden away, but some worn lightly so I am not invisible if you might pause while you are passing by.

Now is where I notice that this incomplete and fragile man has travelled to a point that in all the history of this world only he can claim to be his own. If I hold this moment thoughtfully, and use it well, it will always be there to lean on when later days are not as clear.

Now is just a heartbeat in an imperfect and unfinished journey, but if my heart is lucky enough to beat in step with just a part of your journey, I should not wonder how to use the moment well.

Now is the best time to say I love you, to say sorry, to be present, to listen or just to be kind.

Now will be gone almost as soon as it arrives, but it will always be one our gone befores. Our place to lean on, to draw on, to keep us warm.

We should build this well.

Take care. Paul xx

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