The long walk into ignorance

May 29, 2022

When the sun is setting on a role, and dark clouds cloak our view, what stories do we tell ourselves about the truth we thought we knew? When emperors have feet of clay and their wall-hung values become see-through, what then of bedtime stories missed on our trains from Waterloo?

If your career destination is a world of tinsel status and self-regard, it will be a long walk into ignorance, passed acts of kindness and love that you have chosen to discard. The world will spin with or without you, so let it take us where it will; we may only live this moment once, but it’s still our moment to fulfil. We are the architects of our future and not the tenants of our past; may your foundations be made of kindness and may your soul direct your path.

To listen is our superpower, to make a difference is our gift; when we fill our time with moments of care, even mountains can be made to shift. The follower empowers the leader far more than we ever know; we are their energy and their momentum and the reason they can grow. In return the leader’s role is not to direct or to dictate, but to help everyone of us excel and therefore to create. The leader holds the light so that you and I may shine, narrating the CV stories that will become both yours and mine.

No business is an edifice that stands without its people. The concrete, steel and marble halls may be there when we have gone, but without our human stories, there is no purpose, no value and nothing to build on. Work takes a toll on all of us, but never let it take your soul. The long walk into ignorance is a bleak and friendless path, a desperately sad black hole. Therefore, be a follower of your values and let your judgement be your guide, pour your heart into things that matter with kindness by your side.

Take care.

Paul xx

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