Paul was born and raised in Wiltshire where talk of high performance cultures and stretch targets did not figure in everyday conversation. His grandfather once described him as being two-speed, dead-slow and stop. Paul relies on this to convey a sense of studied interest in what he is doing.

He qualified as a lawyer, despite an over-active imposter-syndrome that still lurks close by.

As a General Counsel he discovered you could be promoted into senior leadership roles without training or support to help you succeed, and so in 2000 he founded LBC Wise Counsel to help lawyers come to grips with this and other absurdities of life as an in-house lawyer.

Paul can now stand in front of lawyers and go on for literally hours. He has seen much that is great and much that is not great at all. He is happy to share it all and hopes his clients may see the difference.

At home he describes himself as tired.