Stephen was senior partner and Golds’ best-known rainmaker, until the firm merged with national giant Irwin Mitchell in 2007, where he stayed for just under 3 years, first as a partner and then as a consultant, working with the firm’s commoditised, corporate and commercial practice areas.

Today, Stephen works as an independent consultant with firms on both sides of the border, using his vast experience and entrepreneurial skills to help them build their businesses. He is actively involved in developing commoditised legal services in Europe. His consultancy work specialises in strategy, helping firms to win clients, make sure they keep and get the best value from them, develop the rainmaking skills of key individuals, and position themselves to take best advantage of the Legal Services Act.

He said, “I’m delighted to have the opportunity of working with LBC Wise Counsel and excited by the potential of what we can achieve together. I have known and worked with Paul Gilbert and Lawrence Smith for a long time. They have a deserved reputation for excellence and originality, and I have had the pleasure of seeing at first hand their special qualities. Lawyers face unprecedented difficulties it’s true, but it’s also true that we are a clever, resilient and dynamic profession with a great future. It’s a privilege to have this opportunity to help our clients achieve and exceed their ambitions.”