Your team can better fulfil its potential with an understanding of exactly who needs to do what, how well cases are being managed and what your stakeholders really value from you.  Our analytical tools help you do just that; this is intuitive, pragmatic and proven technology which gives you the information you need without a prohibitive price-tag.   The tools have been designed and developed by LBC Wise Counsel using first-hand insights from leading in-house teams around the world.

Activity Analysis for In-House Lawyers

For legal teams looking for answers and a “snapshot” of how their resources are aligned and deployed against need, value and risk we have developed an innovative data collection and reporting solution.

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LBClear Insights Surveys for In-House Lawyers

A survey tool that is easy to deploy, administer and complete, but which also provides genuinely insightful and useful feedback that can inform the development of role and operational effectiveness.

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