Why the LBClear Insights survey?

Over many years we have worked with clients on a wide range of assignments and seen many variations of survey. Most are designed to ask one question, but dressed up in different ways – “how much do you love us?”

The results can be interesting, but they are rarely useful except in a rather superficial way.

Done well however feedback surveys can be a crucial early element in any review of strategy, role and operational effectiveness. We have our preferred survey methodology which we believe provides the genuine insight needed to support strategy development and operational effectiveness. 

If you are struggling to find the time and resources to obtain, analyse and make sense of feedback and its implications for driving your legal function forward, we can therefore provide the necessary experience and resource.

lbclearinsights-diagramWe offer a range of services aimed at helping in-house teams make the most of feedback and survey exercises.

We can design and run your survey or share with you our survey questions and methodolgy.

Capturing the client feedback you need is the first step; once you have this information you will need to interpret it and then ensure it informs your team’s strategy, role and development. We can help with all of this and in addition provide context and comparison with anonymised data derived from similar studies.

In addition to on-line surveys we also undertake in-depth interviews, facilitate focus groups and even do filmed interviews with colleagues as part of a more developed information gathering and feedback exercises.

Whatever your reasons for seeking feedback we encourage you to think of the process as a strategic management tool where the results will help you with day-to-day resource management and when required change management too.

The systematic approach provided by LBClear Insights enables you to:

  • Understand the attitudes and perceptions of colleagues and the views and preferences of the in-house team
  • Compare delivered services with business/organisation needs and define priorities for change
  • Clarify key messages
  • Measure and evaluate

Working with the results

Our reports include easy-to-read charts that highlight the overall performance of the team compared with the expectations against each measure. Questions are grouped by key topics such as Value Added, Management of Resources etc. We also capture written commentary through free text comments drawn from the questionnaire. We undertake the analysis to highlight the gaps between delivery and expectations and those factors which most influence perceptions, helping you to prioritise and manage follow up actions.

The process does not finish with the production and presentation of the management reports; our involvement can be as much or as little as you want.

For more information contact Lawrence Smith by email at ls@lbcwisecounsel.com or on +44 (0) 7929 456 510.