“…Just wanted to thank you for a fabulous day…It really was a conference with a difference. Your promise at the outset really came through – I always use the word “interactive” but I learnt a new one from you on Friday – participative – what a revelation. I recently spent 5 hours in a room with 45 lawyers looking at slides on the tiniest screen and my first reaction was what a waste of money… all those brains – all those chargeable hours – so boring.  So it was very inspiring/thought-provoking to meet someone who’s actually trying to do something about it. And – dancing on the stage with a band – childhood dream fulfilled!”  AB participant in #LawFest 2016

Supporting good causes:

#LawFest 2016 is not a commercial venture for LBC Wise Counsel, but provides a focus for supporting causes which are close to us. The proceeds of food, book sales and the surplus from ticket sales is therefore being donated to four charities, they are:

  • The Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation
  • Macmillan
  • The National Youth Arts Trust, and
  • Vision 21

#LawFest is still a very new thing for us, and so to begin with the sums involved are modest, but our commitment is to grow the support as much as we can every time we run a #LawFest event.

#LawFest events in 2016.

LawFest choir 2016Every two years, we bring out the bunting, shift 30 plus hay bales into place and practice those jazz riffs – for #LawFest. In 2016 we had two bites at encouraging lawyers to be delightfully, eccentrically, inspirationally creative…

#LawFest 7 June London: We had a wonderfully inspiring time at the St Bride Foundation worki
ng with the amazing people of Better Performance to create a choir of self-confessed nervous and non-singing lawyers …in just one afternoon. Fifty lawyers, who had not met before, came together in trepidation, but then made something very special happen learning and performing Carmina Burana. In the process they also learned something about leadership and how high-performing teams can be developed by following simple, but demonstrably useful ideas and techniques.

#LawFest on 19 and 20 August Cheltenham Spa for a new programme over two days: It was an LawFest 2106 1opportunity to share and learn with a gentle mix of amazing people, live music, creative workshops, great coffee and stimulating debate. A comfort zone to massage the mind and to enjoy a reflective space about what lawyers do, can do, must do. The programme included Claire Lomas, equestrian athlete and inspirational fundraiser for spinal injury research; Martin Shovel, renowned cartoonist and communication expert, Fiona Laird, theatre director and voice coach and George Freeman MP Chair of the Prime Minister’s Policy Board on leading and leadership. We also had sessions with Hilary Gallo, author of The Power of Soft and Kay Scorah with her brilliant viral workshop, and live music from JC Jazz, Bang-on and IM Beats.

This brief blog explains why we believe in #LawFest: https://www.lbcwisecounsel.com/resources/articles/article/lawfest-2016/#.V7tL_PkrLIU

“Totally bloody brilliant: actors acting out bits of hacking inquiry with context/commentary by @RichardMoorhead and @LBCWiseCounsel #lawfest - Dr Steven Vaughan “Thoroughly challenged by #LawFest. Great event, over too quickly” – Tim Strong

“Inspired and challenged in equal measure by my day at #LawFest. Great people doing great things” – @LegalBizzle

“Thanks to all the creative genius at #lawfest who invented things to change the world” – Steve Chapman.

We hope to see you at #LawFest in 2018!

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