Kerry started her legal career as a trainee and then M&A lawyer at a large city law firm in London and Paris.  A few years in she moved to corporate roles, working for large and small companies including BT, O2/Telefonica and most recently (until a few weeks ago!) Vodafone Business where she was Legal Director reporting to the CEO.

In all her roles Kerry has focused on two key elements: firstly ensuring her team feel safe, motivated, clear on what they are trying to achieve and equipped with the skills and tools to add value; and secondly operating in an efficient and productive way, using tech solutions where appropriate. Kerry and her team at Vodafone won a series of awards for innovation in the legal industry including Financial Times Most Innovative In-House legal team in Europe.

Kerry is a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion and set up Vodafone’s global Women in Business network in 2014, mentored many women across Vodafone and launched an award-winning mentoring platform in 2022.  She is also a trustee for Zero Gravity Fund, a scholarship fund for talented low-income students at top universities.

Kerry is married with three adult children at university and loves running, hiking, cooking, yoga and meditation, reading and listening to podcasts (current favourite is Elisabeth Day’s How to Fail)