“It really is a very special thing – I don’t know how you do it but it is remarkable what I have taken away from the experience…”

The ambition:

LBCambridge2 is our major Leadership and Management Programme for in-house lawyers preparing to succeed in senior roles with management responsibility. It is held in two parts (typically in February and March) and delegates must be able to commit to both sessions.

In 2006 we launched the LBCambridge programme, which takes place twice each year at Queens’ College, Cambridge. This programme has introduced literally hundreds of in-house lawyers to some of the most innovative and insightful best practices relating to the role of the in-house lawyer and to their personal development. Feedback from those attending the LBCambridge programme has stressed the importance of further developing leadership and management credentials. In response in 2012 we launched a major new programme designed specifically for more experienced in-house lawyers aspiring to succeed in management and leadership roles.

Paul Gilbert describes the programme: “Of all the things I have done, I am most proud of this programme. It’s about our values, the importance of leadership in legal services for the employers we serve, but also for our teams, our communities and the wider interests of Society. It is about feeling fulfilled in a resilient and supportive environment. My whole career as a consultant, writer and mentor is poured into every aspect of what we do here” 

One of our brilliant and dedicated mentors describes the event: “Like LBCambridge before it, LBCambridge2 sets the standard for leadership development programmes for talented and experienced in-house lawyers. The highly innovative, out-of-the-box sessions deliver new perspectives for the delegates, who go away recharged and stimulated as regards their role in their organisations.” 

Delegate feedback from this event has been outstanding:

“LBCambridge2 is not just another development course. It is a paradigm shift for senior in-house lawyers which I found to be challenging, invigorating and rewarding in equal measure”

“I’m not sure if what you are doing is brilliant or bonkers but whatever it is, it is really, really interesting…I haven’t felt as happy or excited as I feel at the moment for a long time.  I’m even looking forward to going in to work on Tuesday to try some things out.  I just wanted to say thank you…” 

“Thank you so much for last week. I feel like I’ve had a brain transplant. In a good way” 

“…just a quick one to say thank you so much for the last few days. I thought the composition of the group was fantastic and I came away on Saturday night buzzing with thoughts, ideas and memories. It was so powerful” 

“From a personal perspective, it is an event that will shape and transform me”.

Our approach:

In keeping with all our work, we take a practical and pragmatic approach to this very significant programme. The space created is full of insight, support and a generosity to share. It is not a programme that can be passively experienced. It is an immersion and, we hope, one of the most memorable learning experiences you will ever have. We aim to ensure that each delegate will get the most from the programme. This means we limit the number of delegates who can come to 14. We have an extraordinary presenting and mentoring team drawn from business, academia, the performing arts, tech providers and, of course, the in-house sector. The programme will comprise two separate sessions (running Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon) approximately two months apart. We will bring together a team to provide fantastic insights, inspiring presentations and facilitated syndicate work in a challenging, but highly supportive environment to discover and learn. Between the two sessions delegates will be supported by their assigned mentor. Then after the second session each delegate’s mentor will be available as part of a 3-month review module to support change, to consolidate learning, to re-evaluate the delegate’s contribution and development needs and to plan for continuing development.

Who is LBCambridge2 for?

This programme is designed for in-house lawyers aiming to develop a wider general management and leadership perspective. We are careful not to say it is just for people who are or want to become General Counsel. The programme is for all in-house lawyers who want to fulfil their potential in leadership roles, who want to become more influential  and who are not self-limited by a narrow interpretation of their career progression.

The fee:

The fee is significant in terms of typical training budgets, but we are certain it is value for money. This is not just another training event or legal conference; it is a serious, thoughtful and proven personal development programme. We are so serious about it that we want to invest all our energy in the quality of the programme and the experience from a delegate perspective. As a consequence there are no sponsors or commercial partners to potentially distract from or dilute the precious time you will be asked to commit to this learning experience. The entire programme with mentor support costs £7,950 plus VAT. However there is a £1200 discount if delegates have previously attended the LBCambridge programme at Queens’ College, Cambridge. The discounted fee is just £6,750 plus VAT If you would like to discuss the suitability of the programme for you or your colleagues please send an email with your contact details to Paul Gilbert.