For more than a decade, Ciaran Fenton has helped senior business leaders and other professionals across all sectors improve their business performance, working relationships, enhance their emotional intelligence and manage their careers more effectively. During his early career, he worked across a number of highly dynamic markets, including publishing, film and television having held senior management roles at Hachette (OPG), ITN, Pearson (Financial Times Television), and The Guardian Media Group. Over the years, he has worked with scores of individuals and organisations that understand the importance of behavioural change, including for example HSBC, BT,Capita, BUPA and Radiant Law. His work with these and others is a testament to the value of the Fenton Modelâ„¢, his unique approach to self-management that provides senior leaders with a step change in both their behaviour and business performance with a particular emphasis on relationship management, both internally and externally. Along with his work as a leadership consultant and trusted adviser, he is a mentor at London Business School and a regular speaker. He holds a business degree, B.Com (Hons.), from The National University of Ireland, Cork, lives in Brighton, is married to fiction writer Marian Garvey and they have two teenage children.