There are many versions of Kay Scorah. At LBC2 you will meet a combination of all of them. 

The biochemist. My BSc Hons in Biochemistry from King’s, London was followed by a year at the Max Planck Institut für Biophysik in Frankfurt studying the sidedness of anion transport across the erythrocyte membrane.That went so well that I moved into advertising. 

The successful ad executive. By the age of 32 she had been on the board of directors of 2 London ad agencies and was a contributor and assistant producer on the 1990 BBC TV series on advertising and society, “Washes Whiter”.

The businesswoman. 30 years ago she set up her own business, HaveMoreFun Ltd, with the objective of bringing together the best of business.

The teacher and tutor. She is a speaker (on conflict in the workplace) and tutor on the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme at Said Business School.

The recipe lady: She runs the Essex Road Recipe improvised recipe project, designed to encourage people to cook from scratch and support local food retailers. She has now published a collection of Essex Road Recipe cards along with a handbook on “How to Improvise with Food” through Unbound.

Kay is also on the board of 2 dance companies; Dance Theatre of Ireland and Arcane Collective.