Martin is a writer of books and speeches, a satirical cartoonist, a workshop leader, a trainer of professional speechwriters and a communications coach. His writing and cartoons have appeared in many places, including the Guardian’s Mind Your Language blog, the Daily Telegraph and the Macmillan Dictionary blog. He has a degree in philosophy, a life-long love of Arsenal and a passion for baking bread, especially sourdough. Martin regularly shares his cartoons on Twitter and is chuffed that Bianca Jagger occasionally retweets them. 

In 2002, he and Martha Leyton set up CreativityWorks with the intention of offering a more imaginative and practical approach to communication training to a broad range of clients. Over the intervening years, they have made good their ambition and have worked with senior lawyers, leaders in health and medicine, trade unions leaders, academics, and third sector leaders, amongst others.

Martin believes the key to becoming an engaging and persuasive communicator is to use language rich in imagery and metaphor – words that help others see and feel what you mean.