Paul was born and raised in Wiltshire, however he now rarely tries to rake the moon from village ponds.

He qualified as a lawyer, but took to heart early feedback from his first employer who said of him that if he said nothing people might THINK him stupid, however if he did say something then they would KNOW him to be so.

As a GC he discovered you could fool some of the people all of the time, but he was self-aware enough to realise that this might not be a sustainable career strategy. In 2000 he set up LBC Wise Counsel to help others come to grips with the absurdities of life as an in-house lawyer.

Paul can now stand in front of lawyers and go on for literally hours. He has seen much that is great and much that is not great at all. He is happy to share it all and hopes his clients may see the difference.

No one has ever described Paul as dashing, urbane or sophisticated. He remains ambitious never to have a proper job again. He writes a lot, but doesn’t expect you to read it. At home he describes himself as head of facilities management, reporting to both executive and non executive directors and with a dotted line to the dog.