To be a part of this network means you are either a member of the LBCambridge editorial board (our “wise owls”) or you have been a participant in the LBCambridge2 programme.

Events take place as a residential and informal opportunity, away from the rush of the office and traditional conference formats, in a place where ideas can evolve, conversations can be deeply impactful and we allow space and time to think.

We know that we are overloaded with opportunities to attend all manner of networking gatherings; most are well intentioned and often offer a chance to meet and talk to people with common interests.

How much we genuinely learn is more open to question. We have no wish to compete in such an overcrowded space which is well-served by others. Our wish is to create the sort of reflective and deeply personal learning experience that has made our reputation.

We want to offer an experience that creates space to talk, listen and learn, and which allows us to connect with our own thoughts in a way that is just not feasible in the helter-skelter of busy office environments. Our LBCambridge3 events will be for around twenty to twenty-five participants, quietly facilitated, and intimate enough for those deep, special conversations that are so precious to making a genuinely impactful experience.

mollerThe inaugural event took place in June 2019 and new events will take place in October 2019, and then in June and October each year.

Meetings will be over two half-days (one night) and will allow time for deep discussion on the issues that matter most to us, as well as including extraordinarily talented contributors to stimulate debate and inspire.

We are holding all our LBCambridge3 events at The Møller Centre, a dedicated, residential executive training and conference centre in Cambridge.

In June 2019 we will meet again and if you are a team manager or in-house leader who would like to be part of this programme you can register your interest by writing to Paul Gilbert or by going to the booking form and registering to attend.

The dates for the next LBCambridge3 events are:
16-17 October 2019
2-3 June 2020, and
13-14 October 2020.