We are delighted to bring you a film about LawWorks. Paul Gilbert is Vice Chairman and a trustee of LawWorks. As part of our commitment to the charity Paul brought together a team to make the film as part of an “away-day” for the staff…Filmed in a single day at the National Pro Bono Centre in London, the LawWorks team were the creative energy for the film and everyone at LawWorks participated both in front of and behind the cameras. Paul directed and produced the film in conjunction with our joint venture partners Action Image Productions under the expert guidance of the especially talented Lee Stephens.

The film will be used to promote the charity’s work and we think it is a fitting tribute to their continued brilliance. For more information about this wonderful charity please click here.

All fees and costs incurred in the making of the film, pre and post production, have been waived by LBC Wise Counsel and AIP