“Your words were extremely valuable to me both in that I now feel like a million dollars …but I also now recognise a key weakness in the way I present myself which on reflection explains a few situations in the past where things haven’t gone as I’d expected.  Like all these things, it seems obvious now but I hadn’t a clue before you pointed it out.  You can’t put a price on this sort of advice …so, genuinely, you have my heartfelt gratitude.” (client feedback from one mentoring session)


Right from the start in the year 2000 we have mentored and supported in-house lawyers and those who have contemplated a career as an in-house lawyer. It is for me some of the most important and satisfying work that I do, not least because of how vulnerable I have felt before, I understand that sometimes the help we need is the hardest help to ask for.

I will always have time to mentor lawyers and will always encourage lawyers to reach out for support. If I can make mentoring work for you I will be happy to tailor the support you need. While this is a commercial effort for us, there is much we can do for a small fee or no fee at all. During the pandemic we have been available for no fee to help a little whenever and wherever we could be useful. No one should feel unsupported, and if we can help we will.

The most important message I want to share about mentoring however, is that it is often the key to unlocking our potential. The gifts we have and the opportunity to make a difference need nurturing and developing in ways that are precious and individual and far away from “tick-box” programmes. Let’s talk and I can explain more. Take care.

LBC Wise Counsel mentoring

We define mentoring as a confidential, respectful, non-judgemental conversation to explore issues and ideas of the moment as well as to help individuals develop their skills and their potential as an in-house lawyer. Although there is a lot of debate about the differences between coaching and mentoring we make the distinction that coaches should be formally qualified as coaches, follow a recognised methodology and be judged against specific outcomes. Mentoring however is less formal, offering senior and experienced peer support albeit in a structured way. Paul is a mentor not a coach.

What shall we talk about?

Most lawyers today will move roles every three to five years. During a career most lawyers will be considered for many roles, appointed to several of them, promoted and made redundant. There will periods of great intensity and probably some career gaps as well. In addition returning from maternity leave, managing people for the first time and coping with the personal toll of a pressured role also provide significant moments of challenge, doubt and reflection. In time some in-house lawyers will consider moving away from in-house legal roles or contemplate a portfolio career.

Every lawyer, whatever the stage of their career, should therefore have some focus on putting in place their support network, on their skills development, managing career options and being thoroughly prepared for the highs and lows that are frankly inevitable.

There are very many themes we see every day;  some that resonate the most however, include the following:

  • Personal career development
  • Handling difficult relationship issues in the workplace
  • Developing your leadership credentials
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Managing time and priorities
  • Articulating your value
  • Your next move
  • Handling a career gap and returning after a break
  • Moving into a non-legal role

We do not want to be prescriptive about how you access one-to-one mentoring and we will tailor a package that is right for you. However to give you an idea of what this might look like here are three thoughts to share:

Call me

If you need a little help, or just to check-in, we can talk. A little time, a little help, no budget required. My pleasure to offer a little support.

A mentoring day with Paul GilbertIMG_2375

Paul Gilbert works with a number of lawyers individually where once a year, usually off-site, he meets to talk through their plans, ideas, hopes and concerns for the year ahead. He will probe, challenge and encourage as well as share market insights and his considerable experience of the practical, pragmatic steps needed to succeed. The opportunity for an open and thorough conversation with a trusted, experienced and independent supporter is reassuring and often helps give priority and momentum to the ideas discussed. The fee for this arrangement is £1950 plus VAT.

An annual mentoring arrangement with Paul Gilbert:

Typically meetings are monthly and scheduled to last two hours. There will be additional calls and unlimited email conversations. The intention is to devise a highly personal programme that builds across the year with the ambition to offer as much support as needed to help each person fulfil their potential. Paul will personally devise each programme, helping people become all of their talent and to truly explore their leadership credentials. Paul’s mentoring however is not just for senior figures, but for all lawyers who want to develop and grow. His commitment to each individual means that he only accepts ten such assignments a year. The fee is tailored to the circumstances of each assignment and will take into account the budget available so that Paul can work with the people he can help the most rather those who can afford the most.

For more information, please contact Paul Gilbert on +44 (0) 7867 798 363 or email pg@lbcwisecounsel.com.