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In this section we have collated all the previously published articles and blogs written mostly by Paul Gilbert, but with guest posts from Jonathan Smith, Justin Featherstone, Carolyn Kirby, Ian White and Barbara Hamilton-Bruce as well. This is a resource for you to browse and is free to view. The first articles were published in the early 2000′s, but with timeless themes. The later pieces reflect the changing face of the legal profession and the threat/opportunity for the role of lawyers in business and in our society. The 2020 and 2021 posts focus on our Covid world and where questions of leadership and care are to the fore.

You can search for key words to find the pieces or themes you want to read, and Paul’s articles are also collated in his various books which you can buy from this site too.

There isn’t a “like” or “dislike” button, or a place to leave a comment because we want this to be a resource for reflection rather than action. However, if you would like to talk about anything you see here, Paul will always be delighted to hear from you and you can talk with him at any time about the ideas and the feelings he writes about. Paul’s email is pg@lbcwisecounsel.com.

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Thank you for being with me and my words

A letter between friends is a rather old-fashioned idea, but one that still carries a sense of something a little more thoughtful, personal and caring. The act of writing a letter is imbued with warmth and the gentleness of something shared. It isn’t ordinary. I know this message isn’t a letter, it is just another… More

Counting is not what counts

Legal Department metrics? I am not that bothered. Count what you like, present it how you like, extrapolate it all you like, the things we count have largely been chosen because we can at least count them. This is like measuring the dimensions of a canvass because we do not have the vocabulary to describe… More

The need for speed

The need for speed pervades all we do. We are bombarded with advertising and influencers wanting us to lose weight fast and be beach ready in 14 days. Or the new FFSx that will do 0-60 in the blink of an eye, ensuring envious looks from those with beach ready bodies. Or mega-fast broadband, that… More

Forgotten but not gone

Social media is an odd place. It has been, and often still is, a cheerful distraction, full of insight and generosity; and it can be an extraordinary force for good. However, it is also a place for confected rage, pointless stridency and shallow promotion. My Twitter profile says I joined in May 2009, and that… More

If resigning is not enough…

“Do you expect me to talk?” “No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die.” A few days ago, I wrote about the Post Office scandal: https://www.lbcwisecounsel.com/resources/articles/article/resigning-is-not-enough/#.YMPSLKhKhPY I made clear my view that resigning is not enough, but some people have rightly challenged me to say what I feel would be enough. I have been asked, for… More