I am seeking support for a brand new and I consider absolutely brilliant dispute resolution initiative. The initiative will be launched shortly and will be known as:

“RPS Solutions”.

Note the name – it will be game changing.

We have researched the market extensively and RPS Solutions seeks to address the fundamental concerns of consumers of litigation and dispute resolution services. Consumers tell us that price uncertainty, outcome uncertainty, damage to long term relationships, lost management time and opportunity cost all make the current processes and procedures deeply unattractive.

This dreadful state of affairs in undermined even more when one realises that even the strongest case carries what lawyers call “litigation risk”.

In other words a claimant can have a near watertight case, nailed on to win, but may still be undone by the vagaries of an unsympathetic judge, a witness delayed on the motorway or an advocate who misses the home-run points.

Lawyers we have spoken to put litigation risk as high as 25%, some even more.

The perfect solution to all this must therefore address as many of these concerns as possible. Our solutions, the RPS Solutions, must be inexpensive, must be quick, must not distract and must provide clarity and certainty.

We guarantee we can deliver all this and this is where RPS Solutions carries so much credibility and has so much to offer.

RPS Solutions will guarantee to deal with any dispute for a fixed fee of £1000 or £2000 depending on the process selected (see footnote below*).

RPS Solutions will guarantee to dispense with any claim with absolutely minimal preparation (and therefore time and cost).

RPS Solutions will furthermore guarantee that any process can be dealt with, literally, in a matter of minutes.

Finally RPS Solutions promises absolute certainty of outcome with a 50% litigation risk. In other words the litigation risk in our model is only 25% more than in current models without any of the downside of those models.

This of course is completely stunning; however we believe there are many more benefits for society at large.

RPS Solutions promises that if its dispute resolution system is adopted then it will literally remove waiting times overnight. From filing the claim to reading the judgement will take, not months or years, but minutes – guaranteed.

No lists therefore also means much less stress for all involved, plus less thrown away costs, greater opportunity to repair broken relationships and more focus on getting back to the day job without the unwelcome distraction of the impending dispute.

In addition, RPS Solutions needs no property, no courtrooms, no offices and no equipment. We will save fortunes on rent, I.T. and staff overheads; savings which can be ploughed back into the system making it available to an even wider audience.

We can also start to attract even more foreign based disputes, adding to the sense of the United Kingdom being the world’s courtroom and contributing to the wider economy.

In this regard we have designed the process so that it does not need any words, pleadings or submissions. There are therefore no language issues and the whole process can be followed without any need for translators or transcribers.

So convinced are we of the value that RPS Solutions that we predict the end of all other forms of dispute resolution as soon as the world sees the significant real and guaranteed benefits that the process brings.

This is potentially huge and it is perhaps a risk to share the concepts so openly, but this idea is impossible not to share. Our timetable to launch is as follows:

  •  To seek supporters prepared to invest in the concept
  •  To create the process and publicise it
  •  To attract our first claimants

We conservatively estimate that we can launch immediately and be up and running immediately after launch.

There is virtually no set up cost – it really is as perfect as it sounds.

Perhaps the one unanswered question you may have is what “RPS” in “RPS Solutions” stands for…

The answer, but please keep this to yourself until we are ready to go live is…

Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Take care. The world may never be the same again…

(Footnote: £1000 for best of three, £2000 for best of five)