The last two weeks have been a little disconcerting. We have cancelled our residential events, connecting with delegates and presenters and venues and supporters to offer reassuring messages as best we can. We have seen the majority of clients cancel or postpone activity with us and we have watched our world disappear in plain sight. A vanishing trick that has left us breathless with disbelief.

At times like this being in denial is a pretty cool response.

As a teenager I was once praised for how calm I appeared under pressure, only for the person offering the praise to realise a little later that I had perhaps not fully grasped the gravity of the problem.

In truth however I am seeing things very clearly. The business we have quietly created over twenty years has helped so many, and left a positive mark on careers, teams and organisations. It has done no harm and it has been fun every day. It is more than enough and, whatever is to come, we have been unfathomably lucky.

However the greatest privilege of my professional life has been to work with some of the most extraordinarily talented, kind, thoughtful and inspirational souls anyone could meet. They are woven into the memories we have created and are a constant source of guidance and calm gentleness. They are people who love what they do, and do it with such skill and care that they should never, ever, be out of work for a moment. I love them and love working with them:

Fiona Laird – A wonderful voice coach, full of transformative insights and creator of spellbinding workshops:

Justin Featherstone – The most moving, impactful, skilful and ultimately joyful communicator on leadership I have ever met in my life:

Kay Scorah – Incomparable, joyful, playful and scarily insightful. Kay taught me to listen and I am forever in her debt:

Ciaran Fenton – A uniquely uncompromising approach to helping people who want to be helped. His genius is that he cares that you care:

Hilary Gallo – The best facilitator I know, the best listener I know, the best person to help you move from A to B when you might be stuck somewhere between the two:

Charles Grimes – The man who has worked with us on every LBCambridge programme since 2006 – still the absolute best at what he does:

Jonny Searle – A gifted coach and with joyfully relevant and accessible insights into personal development and leadership:

Claire Lomas – The most engaging and inspiring speaker of her generation:

Martha Leyton and Martin Shovel – The art and the care shine in every moment spent in their company. A communication workshop like no other, but then useful every single day for the rest of our lives:

Richard Martin – The gentlest of men, and someone who will help you curate a positive environment for your personal wellbeing and that of your team:

This is my plea…

If you have some budget now, any budget at all, then please book these people now.

Let them invoice you today and let them know you value their stories, their insights and their ability to change the world for the better. Even if you cannot make a date with them for weeks or months to come, show then you care today. They are the best at what they do, bar none; they are a joy to know and a total privilege to work with.

Please message them.

Show them you care.

Please book them if you can.

Thank you and, as always, please take care.

Paul xx