Are you good at change?

Comfortable with change?

Or are you change resistant?

Don’t people bang on about change?

Nothing should change.

Everything should change.

Something should change.

But what should change?

What should not change?

What is enough change?

Hardly changed?

How should the change you make, change the things that are to be changed?

If things are not changed, are they still changed by other things changing around them?

What if change is not a thing, but an idea, or a feeling or a behaviour?

What if we do not all change together at the same time?

Have we ever all changed together at the same time?

What should happen if some of us want change, but others do not?

If you want to change something, are you changed if you are not allowed to change?

Can I impose my change?

Do I accept change imposed on me?

Do we need a changing room?

What about loose change?

You’ve changed, haven’t you?

You haven’t changed a bit, or have you?

Change is a metaphor.

Unless something is actually changed, then it can be a real change and a metaphor.

Or just a real change and not a metaphor.

If change is a constant, is that change?

The only thing that changes is the excuse we use for not changing.

Have you changed your mind about change?

Change is how we grow, unless it makes us smaller.

Change the record, the nappy, the seasons, the tune.

Can we change places.

If I were you or if you were me…

…would we see change differently?