The Mentor Chapter Twenty-Six – The last chapter, back to the beginning

Thank you for being with me as I have taken you around my exhibition. Your company has been so lovely and I am truly grateful for your support and encouragement. We are now at the end, and it is almost time to say goodbye, but before I go there is one last story to share.… More

The Mentor Chapter Twenty-Five (cont) – Nearly there

Beyond the exhibition and before the exit there is always a café. A place to refresh, rest a little and reflect on what we have just seen, but also a place that sits at the boundary of two worlds – a place between curated calm and the more chaotic spin of our real lives. You… More

The Mentor Chapter Twenty-Five – Nearly there

As we will soon be leaving the exhibition, this is a moment to perhaps notice a few things that I hope we may carry quietly with us even as we step from the peace and calm of this space and back into the pavement throng of our busy lives. As always, the things I would… More

The Mentor Chapter Twenty-Four – The rooms beyond blessings Part II

Each part of this exhibition has been a gentle request to pause in front of something I have placed there for your reflection and mine. Some of these things are small and not obviously consequential, but everything has been placed with as much care as I could give them. I have done this so that… More

The Mentor Chapter Twenty-Three – The rooms beyond blessings

A room of blessings feels like the best place in which to reflect as we move towards the end of the exhibition and this story. What could be better than to pause in the room where all the things that really matter to us have been placed safely to see and to hold whenever we… More

The Mentor Chapter Twenty-Two – The Blessings Room

From the room of rage, I want to take you now into a room of blessings. This is a space to be with our quiet and most precious thoughts – no noise or mayhem, no smashing things up – and the calm that comes from feeling protected and being at peace with ourselves. I hope… More

The Mentor Chapter Twenty-One – The Rage Room

I was in Singapore with a client in December 2019. We were discussing her new team structure and the small but important shifts in behaviour that would be needed as the business evolved around her. I was also able to run a couple of gentle workshops to introduce ideas that would help her team make… More

The Mentor Chapter Twenty – The pause

One of the reasons for inviting you into this exhibition was to create a pause. Mentoring is all about creating a pause. If we want to change something, or understand something better, the best way for this to happen is to enter a space where we have slowed things down enough to be able to… More

The Mentor Chapter Nineteen – No one ever says “Ray who?”

We have now turned the corner in the exhibition and we are heading towards the exit. We are not there quite yet, but when we get there I promise we can rest a while in the exhibition cafe with a bun and a well-earned cup of tea – my treat, you will have earnt it.… More

The Mentor Chapter Eighteen – For the stories

I have placed two letters in this exhibition so far – a note of thanks to my younger self and a reflection on leadership. I would now like to place a third and final letter in the exhibition, and this one is the most important of the three. It is for all the people it… More