We are all just passing through…

This article may sound like I’m a bit pissed-off, but I’m really not. You might read it as a rant against an unfeeling machine, but I would prefer you to read it as a sense-check of your individual power to influence and to make decisions that are good for you and your families. So, here… More

You are not the last to leave the building, please leave the lights on

Light as a metaphor is a familiar device; “she lit up the room with her beauty”; “her erudite explanation enabled her students to see more clearly”; “she was a beacon of virtue” etc. The darker our circumstances feel, personally or collectively, the more we crave the light of understanding and trust. The sense therefore that… More

Where will the lawyers be?

The “B” word, “Brexit”, seems to fill every newspaper, news programme, comedy sketch, social media post, dining room, and pub; in fact it seems to fill every waking moment! Brexit lays claim to a sweep of opinion from, on the side, those who believe it will be the most liberating act of economic self-determination by… More

FEAR HACK – A new book by Hilary Gallo

I am of an age when the word “hack” rekindles memories of a bullying centre-half  with a grudge against the world kicking lumps out of my shins on the school football field. Back in the day “Fear Hack” might have been his party piece. Instead Fear Hack is Hilary Gallo’s new book. I intended at… More

This Too will Pass – A Review

“This Too Will Pass” is a new book by Richard Martin describing his personal struggle with anxiety and depression. In the last few years it would be impossible to be unaware of issues of well-being and mental health. We are all lucky that there is more understanding, more resources and more acceptance than perhaps at… More

In-House Lawyers’ Ethics

“In-House Lawyers’ Ethics” is a new book by Richard Moorhead, Steven Vaughan and Cristina Godinho. I qualified as a solicitor on 16 February 1987. It was, and still is, the proudest day of my professional life. Twelve months later I was an in-house lawyer and ever since I have either been an in-house lawyer or… More

Normal leadership

The best way to get value from a heart surgeon is to fill their day being nice to patients with mild infections and tummy upsets. The best way to get value from a pilot is to give them a plane they rarely fly and ask them to land it at an unfamiliar airport in high… More

We need to talk about recruitment

We need to talk about Janet and Nicholas and Edward and Sophie and Emma and Jonathan and countless others I speak to all of the time. We need to talk about why brilliant people reach the point of near despair in their search for new roles. We need to talk about the abject, thoughtless, arrogant,… More


Trying to find a simple answer to make sense of befuddling complexity is one of life’s wishful thoughts. Real life is much more about muddle and guestimates and hope and having a go. There never will be the “killer app”. There isn’t a CEO with the Midas touch. One way is never the only way.… More

The speech the PM might have made

This is the speech I would have liked our Prime Minister to have made six months after the Brexit referendum vote: “As you know I have for the last 12 weeks travelled up and down the United Kingdom. I have been to schools and colleges, spoken to faith groups and entrepreneurs. I have been to… More