Paul Gilbert and Jonathan SmithIn this section we have collated all the previously published articles and blogs written by Paul Gilbert, Jonathan Smith and guests.

This is a resource for you to browse and is free to view. The first articles were published in the early 2000′s, but retain a relevance that is still valid and informative today. The later pieces reflect the changing face of the legal profession and the threat/opportunity for the role of lawyers in business and in our society.

We hope you will find that their opinions add to the debates of the day and inform, challenge and occasionally provoke. Please also join them in that debate on Twitter and follow Jonathan @jdsofislip and Paul @LBCWiseCounsel.


It is the whole experience that creates the value of the moment

I have never written a blog about football. This blog is about football, but it is also about appreciating the whole experience for what it is, so that we can value the moment. The column inches devoted to whether Arsene Wenger should leave Arsenal football club are only exceeded by the social media commentary accompanying… More

New Year – A grumble and a hope

The New Year is here. Well hello 2018, but I’m not ready for you. I don’t have anything clever to say; I don’t have any new ideas and I don’t give a flying “fun” pack of festive socks for resolutions. I’m not ready for you because I have barely figured out how I got through… More

The privilege of trust

It is a fundamental challenge of our time to repurpose what we now need from leaders and from leadership. We traditionally describe leadership in terms of power. In politics we talk of the political parties being “in power”. Power is also “wielded” and more often than not aggressive, crude and violent images are appropriated by… More

Care to lead

A little boy walked to school every day praying there would not be a reading test. His teacher would ask children to read a paragraph to the whole class, three or four children each day. Each day the little boy woke up thinking about being asked and being terrified. What if the words didn’t make… More

A conversation with the President of the United States

The President of the United States is not someone I know personally and I suspect that most people who may read this do not know him personally either. However I wonder what we would say to him if we had just five minutes in his company? Would we make awkward small talk, trying not to… More