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In this section we have collated all the previously published articles and blogs written mostly by Paul Gilbert, but with guest posts from Jonathan Smith, Justin Featherstone, Carolyn Kirby, Ian White and Barbara Hamilton-Bruce as well. 

This is a resource for you to browse and is free to view. The first articles were published in the early 2000’s, but with timeless themes. The later pieces reflect the changing face of the legal profession and the threat/opportunity for the role of lawyers in business and in our society. The 2020, 2021 and 2022 posts focus on a world dominated, saddened and changed by Covid, where questions of leadership, kindness and care are to the fore.

You can search for key words to find the pieces or themes you want to read, and Paul’s articles are also collated in his various books which you can buy from this site too.

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Be more kind

A good friend of mine, and someone who is also a great leader and a rare talent, recently introduced me to the music of Frank Turner and a song entitled “Be More Kind”. The friend is Ben Watts the General Counsel at Kent County Council (@benwatts2) I believe that kindness and care make the biggest… More

Ay-Aye, it’s innovation

Innovation is one of those loaded words, capable of suggesting a magical competency (see cliched interview question “Can you give me an example of when you have been innovative?”) or a small sharp stick to poke people with (see cliched appraisal interview feedback “I would like you to be more innovative.”) However, if we unload… More

Don’t be a dick…

Ahead of International Women’s Day, I have written a few thoughts about what men might consider doing to make a positive contribution to the ambition of the movement. In 800 words I am not promising nuanced insightfulness, more the bleeding obvious, and I am sorry if  my brevity looks patronising. This is what I think… More

It is always about the moment…

It is the moment that scares me the most. It is not the endless hours, months, even years of confidently talking-the-talk that undermines me; droning on and on, and on, about the planning, the strategy, the big idea, the role, the status, the concept, the skills, the competency, the will or the passion and the… More

We are all just passing through…

This article may sound like I’m a bit pissed-off, but I’m really not. You might read it as a rant against an unfeeling machine, but I would prefer you to read it as a sense-check of your individual power to influence and to make decisions that are good for you and your families. So, here… More