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In-house lawyers have not traditionally used management consultants to help with their strategic development, personal development or operational effectiveness. Perhaps this is because in-house lawyers have doubted that consultants would truly understand their role and their work; we also know that budgets are always tight. LBC Wise Counsel however is not a traditional management consultancy.

We have all worked in the legal profession for many years and since we were founded in 2000 few other organisations will have our depth of understanding of the issues and opportunities. We care passionately about what we do and quite frankly helping good people achieve their potential is far more important to us than any fee. As for budgets therefore and the cost of engaging us, a chat costs nothing and if we can steer you in a direction without charging a fee that will be our pleasure. Our aim in any event is to find a solution that is pragmatic, proportionate and value for money. As Paul Gilbert says, “Let’s not try to invent perfect, let’s get a little bit better first”.

To discuss how we can help you please call Paul Gilbert +44 (0) 7867 798 363 or email pg@lbcwiscounsel.com

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…because it is nearly always good to talk and because you may not be ready to embark on a project before we have built trust and rapport with you, we have designed our mentoring proposition to be valuable for a range of circumstances and budgets. LBC Wise Counsel has worked with literally thousands of lawyers on assignments, in meetings, at conferences and in presentations. The value of a good network is impossible to overestimate; the value of talking likewise is not to be disregarded.

Our consultants are a trusted credible resource that work in a confidential environment helping in-house lawyers to realise their potential. If you just want to talk, whether in the context of a formal mentoring arrangement or at first very informally over a coffee, think of us and give us a call.

To discuss how we can help you please call Paul Gilbert +44 (0) 7867 798 363, email pg@lbcwiscounsel.com or click here for more details about mentoring